Best Care Treatment Services

We are an Oregon based addiction treatment organization where we help people suffering from addiciton find the right help for them. 



What can we do for you

We can help anyone that has any kind of addiction problem in a professional setting. We have professionals that have dedicated their life to helping people that have addiction problems.

We have many services that we offer at all times but we specialize in the following three:



Alcohol addiction counseling

If you have decided to kick your alcohol addiction to the curb we are here to help you overcome it.

Drug addiction

Drugs have taken over our society, and we are here to help anyone that wants to leave them behind.

Gambling addiction

If you have decided that throwing money on gambling was enough we will gladly help you with all our resources to escape this addictive habit.

Our Facilities

Our facilities are equipped with the most advanced tools and operated by some of the best professionals in the counseling field. We strive to consistently deliver the best care possible to our clients, so make sure to check us out.

Our Achievements

We have helped thousands of people rid themselves of their addictive behavior and we will continue to help people that have decided that their addiction is not in control of their lives.


Providers Page 

This would all not be possible without the sponsors that we have had a wonderful relationship with over the many years of helping people with addiction.

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If you want to get all the updates and recent news on our newest methods for treating addiction make sure to check out our blogs.

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