Heroin addiction is one of the hardest addictions to leave in the past. Many people have started using this drug just so that they can know how it feels, and have ended up with the drug overtaking their life. The heroin drug is classified as a compulsive drug, which means that it is a substance that requires constant use by the user so that they don’t feel terrible. The drug changes molecular structures in the brain where it affects dopamine levels and many other receptors. This, in turn, creates a state of mind where the user is afraid to be without the drug and finds himself in a depressed mode without the drug.

post3aHeroin has been scheduled as a type 1 drug which means that there are no benefits to it and that its use is completely illegal by any means. Heroin can be consumed in various ways but it usually comes in a white or born powder form. There is also a black and sticky type of heroin called black tar heroin which is much deadlier. Depending on the purity heroin can be deadly from the first shot or it can kill you slowly, but in the end, it will kill every user.

The worst part about this drug is that it is usually cut on the street by other drugs and substances that can severely impact health in their own way. Street heroin can also be mixed with other poisons that can put the drug user’s life in even bigger danger.

The heroin can be administered through the nose by sniffing, it can be smoked, and it can be administered with a syringe to the vein of the user which is called intravenously.

Injection provides the fastest way to get “high” and it also has the biggest intensity out of the three ways. After about 5 minutes of injecting heroin intravenously, the brain converts the heroin to morphine and it binds itself to receptors of the brain.

post3bHow can rehab help a heroin addict

There are many ways that a rehab center can help a heroin addict, but the most primary help is that the rehab center can be a place where the heroin user can feel safe and in care while trying to kick his addiction to the curb. There are many rehab centers all over the country and our Oregon Addiction Treatment Counseling center has all the answers to any questions regarding addiction and all the tools to help any addict who truly wants to recover from their addiction.