Drugs have taken our world by surprise as they have been always present, but not reachable by the common man for centuries. Today they have been widely accessible by anyone that has any money as there are a wide variety of drugs that come in all shapes, prices and ways to administer. The problem with this is that kids and young people have started to take part in the drug world and as it can easily ruin their lives we must know how to spot if our loved ones are becoming drug addicts.

post2aWe do understand that some drugs are worse than others and that some drugs will have stronger symptoms but for most drugs, there is a clear pattern in both the look of the user and in their behavior. So, let’s get down to the ways you can spot if your loved one is a drug user.Usually, if you want to spot a drug user you can check out two things, their physical signs, and their behavior signs

The physical signs that you should be aware of are:

– Small pupils in normal light rooms

– Slurred speech during longer conversations

– Slower reflexes while performing normal day-to-day tasks

– Sweating without any exertion

– Drowsiness during the whole day and at all times

– Diarrhea can be a sign of some heavy use of substance abuse

– Needle marks from injecting the drug, depending on the drug type (heroin, opium, and others)

– Huge weight loss in a short period of time

post2bBehavioral Signs

– Mood swings for unknown reasons for days

– Constant need for more money

– Nervousness, pain, and nausea

– Negligence of their look and hygiene

How to help them?

First of all, a drug user needs to understand that they are hurting you and that they risk of losing you if they continue down this path. Next is the calm talk about rehabilitation and this can be done with an intervention or with a one on one talk. As soon as you have this conversation make sure to get professional help from organizations like our Oregon Addiction Treatment Counseling and be prepared to be their support as they will go through hell and back to get rid of their drug addiction.