Getting over a heroin addiction is an uphill battle. The problem is not that the habit of the addiction is hard to shake off, but that in fact the drug itself is made so that the rehabilitation period is troublesome. What we mean by saying troublesome is that the person wanting to rid himself of this devil will have to go through pain both mental, physical and spiritual. All your senses will be tested but if you have decided to kick this addiction out of your life you can overcome it.  Its always better to kick any addiction with professional help so make sure to check out our Oregon Addiction Treatment Counseling service as we can help you with any and all questions.

post1aShort-Term Effects of Heroin Use

Depending on the way it is administered it can have different effects. Snorting or smoking takes 15 minutes to begin feeling heroin affects. Injecting is faster as it only takes 5 minutes tops. For many people the sensation of sex and ecstasy takes them, but many end up in pain and in their own vomit. Nausea is common as is an increase in pain receptors.

Long-Term Effects of Heroin

Long-term addiction has a big price and it usually does not boil down to one thing. Besides the damage that can be done to the brain and its receptors, you can also get liver disease, many heart issues, breathing problems, blood pressure problems, a big weight loss problem, and you are more likely to contract AIDS, hepatitis C and other diseases that have been present with drug users who share needles.

How to overcome heroin addiction

Heroin addiction is one of the hardest to overcome but you must follow a few rules.

– Have tremendous willpower

Having lots of willpower will help you overcome this terrible addiction, and it will also help you not to relapse later.

– Patience

post1bRecovery takes a long time. Be prepared to have this fight last from anywhere of three weeks up to 6 months. Also, be aware that you will have to fight the relapse period that can be right behind you for years.

– Seek professional help

Professional help can medicate you and help you overcome this much easier than if you would deal with it alone.

– Get a sponsorship

It’s easier to fight this with a sponsor that is there to help you deal with the hardest moments.